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Monday, November 03, 2003

Mark Steyn Calls Clark, Kerry, and Edwards "Political Metrosexuals"

The ever-brilliant Mark Steyn has a funny column up about Wes Clark and John Kerry's Iraq positions. About Clark's political metrosexuality:"He may have spent the last year giving off warlike vibes but he insists that his orientation is strictly anti-war...what are we to make of Clark's call -- on April 10 -- to break out the champagne: ''Let's have those parades on the Mall and down Constitution Avenue.'' This guy was so ''consistently anti-war'' he was practically marching on Syria."

Posted by Rex @ 3:58 PM

Hilarity Ensues As Desperate Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Try to Appear "Southern"...

The various Democrat presidential candidates took pot shots at northeastern liberal Howard Dean's hamhanded attempts to appeal to the South in order to win it back for the Democratic Party. They do this every election year and few of them ever manage to carry even a single Southern state even if they get the nomination... Now these guys are fighting each other like this was the make it or break it issue- fighting over this tiny piece of nonexistent pie. They are desperately trying too woo back the South.

It's especially funny to hear John Kerry and Joe Lieberman lecture Dean on the true character of the South...everything most of these guys know about the South they learned from watching the Dukes of Hazzard, apparently-and possibly To Kill A Mockingbird.

A sampling from what they's a jawin' about 'round the cracker barrel:

DEAN: "i still want to be the candidate for guys with confederate flags in their pickup trucks"

GEPHARDT: "I don't want to be the candidate for guys with confederate flags in their pickup trucks. I will be the candidate for guys with American flags in their pickup trucks."

LIEBERMAN: "Governor Dean ought to be more careful about what he says," Lieberman said. "It is irresponsible and reckless to loosely talk about one of the most divisive, hurtful symbols in American history."

EDWARDS: "Some of the greatest civil rights leaders, white and black, have come from the South.To assume that southerners who drive trucks would embrace this symbol is offensive."

CLARK:"The Confederate flag flies in the face of our most deeply held American values - diversity, equality and inclusion."

KERRY: Dean panders to the NRA, now he's pandering to lovers of the Confederate flag! "I would rather be the candidate of the NAACP than the NRA"

The NAACP candidate (Sharpton? Mosely Braun?) could not be reached for comment, I presume.

For a "brutally honest" type analysis of How the Democratic Party Lost the South, by Senator Zell Miller(D-GA), click here. Sen. Miller basically says the Democratic party is about to go the way of the Whig party, due to its inability to be a "national" party and being comletely out of touch with rural America.

It's a fantastic article, part of a 3-part series. Do check it out.

Posted by Rex @ 3:38 PM

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