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Friday, November 14, 2003

Rex Links To Paris Hilton Sex Video In "Traffic Experiment"

Supposedly this Paris Hilton Sex Video is all the rage, and I am curious to see what kind of traffic spike I get by linking to the video. I could have just put the words "Paris Hilton Sex Video" on this page, without actually linking, but I would feel bad for misleading people, or misrepresenting myself (which are two things typically done by people offering content like the Paris Hilton Sex Video.) By contrast, the link I am going to provide here is totally legit and real. It links to like, 4 or 5 mirror sites. None of which offer the FULL VERSION of the PARIS HILTON SEX VIDEO, only the shorter, 3 minute version. From what I have heard, the FULL UNCUT VERSION of the PARIS HILTON SEX VIDEO is going to be sold somehow, instead of the FREE shorter version available at the site I am linking to. Rumor also has it that there is another sex video with Paris and her best friend who is a playboy playmate taped in a Vegas hotel room this year, also supposedly coming to a website near you. That ought to be enough keywords to lure all you Paris watchers here. I'd ask you to stop and read some of the other content here, but I know you've only got one thing on your mind. Well, swing back after you check it out if you think of it... Or bookmark this page so you can come back again sometime. Or not.

Here is my hat tip (to wizbangblog) and traffic redirection in kind: The Paris Hilton Sex Video can be viewed and/or saved here. Warning: Links to something that links to adult content...

Posted by Rex @ 11:54 PM

Rex Reviews "The Reagans"

I finally read the script for The Reagans and I don’t think it’s too bad- or too liberally biased. Maybe they spun it differently during production when Brolin and Judy Davis came to the project. The actual script has the “they who live in sin die in sin” and “I am the antichrist” scenes in it, but they don’t read very badly in context. Aids: nancy is feeling bad about people who die of aids (like her hairdresser) and the fact that no one is talking about it or doing anything about it- and tells Reagan he should do something about all the gay men and drug addicts. And Reagan basically says that the Bible says that bad moral choices get you bad results. It was meant to comfort nancy- and Reagan came off “warm” rather than appearing “cold”- like: “now now- they knew the risks….” And the “I am the antichrist” scene just shows Reagan talking with his advisers and reflecting for a moment on whether his foreign policy/arms buildup is the way to go- he decides that it is.

Seeing people get all bent out of shape about this kind of thing: showing anything less than an idealized portrait of some revered figure. I remember when I was a kid, the film The Last Temptation of Christ came out, and I was told that it was a horrible evil film. Scenes and dialogue were quoted out of context just like for the Reagans, - like the scene where Jesus marries Mary Magdalene rather than dying on the cross, and Judas comes and chews him out as a fraud. Heresy! Blasphemy! I was brainwashed against the film. I spoke with my devoutly catholic father about it- who had read the banned book while in college, and he explained to me the context. It was a dream sequence, basically- the last half of the book/movie takes place in Christ’s mind- as an instant of temptation from Satan: that he needn’t die on the cross. Satan tells him about Abraham and Isaac- God just wanted Abraham to be willing to kill Isaac, not to actually kill him. And why would God want to save Isaac and not his own son, etc… Jesus ends up choosing to die on the cross rather than take the easy way out. He doesn’t give in to the temptation- but he does seem more human, and more divine because he had the strength to bear this immense burden. It was a good film- and I had to cross a picket line to see it.

The point is that context really matters in an artistic work. And technically, a TV Movie is still an artistic work. Is the Reagans a sleazy, tell-all character assassination a la Mommie Dearest? No. Does it suck- pretty much. Is there any merit whatsoever to it? Yeah. I especially like the one funny scene involving Star Wars/SDI/Missile Defense- where Reagan presents a doodle to Al Haig: of a USA space missile shooting down a doodle of a USSR missile. The doodle dissolves into real life policy discussions…A while later Reagan aide Mike Deaver is watching an old schlocky Ed-Wood-esque b-movie sci-fi Murder in the Sky, which features a super- ray gun that does the same thing- and Reagan is in the scene where the scentist explains it, and he has this shock of recognition that reads as really funny: “ I think I figured out where he got the idea”…

And the Alzheimer’s thing is only at the very end- where he says he forgets how to dance to a song of his and Nancy’s…and she says: “it doesn’t matter- you lead, I’ll follow.” Fade Out. That last bit I think is actually kind of touching…just a hint of what’s to come for them. Iran-Contra is dealt with very fairly- suggesting that reagain really didn't "know" about the illegal parts- but he took responsibility for his underlings' activities and created the bipartisan Tower commission to investigate. And his approval rating went up 9 points because the American people appreciated his honesty about it ( as opposed to Nixon). They could have made him look corrupt or incompetent or both, and they did neither...

I actually wish CBS wouldn’t have wussed out about showing it. They should stand by whatever political bias they have, rather than hiding it in shame. Let the people decide if they like it or not. If it was close to the script, it would have been forgettable sweeps crap TV Movies- like the DC Sniper/elizabeth Smart/Jessica Lynch variety. Mildly entertaining or maybe slightly laughable at best. But it wouldn’t have ruined Reagan’s legacy any more than Last Temptation ruined Jesus’s. It was mostly a matter of bad timing. They should have just waited until a year or two after he died so they didn’t look too tacky. But this script didn’t feel like a below-the-belt punch to me at all. Maybe the final product was too biased to risk alienating the CBS audiences ( many of whom like Reagan have Alzheimers and will be dead in a few years).

Posted by Rex @ 5:17 PM

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