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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Rex on Kerry's Bimbo Eruption

Well, Kerry's got himself a Gennifer Flowers-type situation here, doesn't he?

Sorry, but as Nelson Muntz of The Simpsons would say, "HA-HA!"

Kerry has spent his whole career imitating JFK... down to the PT boat and the big hair- and apparently the wild infidelity.
Pretty dumb move in the era of Lewinskygate. Once again, Drudge is on top of it.

Kerry's looking more and more like Clinton all over again every day: the anti-war protests, the opportunistic phony-sounding rhetoric, the flipflopping...now the sleaze, too!

Posted by Rex @ 1:20 PM

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Rex on Defense

It occurs to me with all this talk about the military records of George W. Bush and John Kerry, that the two men had very different jobs during the Vietnam war. George W. Bush's job was to defend his country by maintaining an air defense perimeter for the Texas Air National Guard. John Kerry's was to wage an active, agressive war- to secure the Mekong Delta and engage the Viet Cong, thus stopping the Communist North Vietnamese from taking it over.

One of these men performed their duties successfully, the other did not.

Oh sure, George W. Bush did not single handedly deter foreign invasion of the U.S. during Vietnam, nor did John Kerry singlehandedly give the U.S. its only military loss. But I can't help but think there's a certain value in a track record follow-through and consistency in one's positions. Especially in a wartime president- with homeland security and whatver conflict he deems in our national interest.

A President might have to wage war, but he must always maintain a strong defense.

George W. Bush's Vietnam record indicates that he can protect his country effectively, and now in the War on Terror, he continues to do so- witness the lack of successful follow-up attacks to 9-11.

John Kerry's Vietnam record indicates that he supported military action when it was popular, and opposed it when it fell out of fashion and would get him some face time in front of a camera. Just like the War on Terror.

Maybe it's just a coincidence- but there might be a correlation. The last time we had a waffling, poll-driven weathervane President, he cut military and intelligence funding, while spreading it thinly all over the globe in strangely chosen conflicts like Somalia, and then back out again after a few casualties. Made soft and noncommital moves toward Saddam and Bin Laden- based on the polls. Flip, flop. Waffle, waffle.

Just a thought.

Posted by Rex @ 10:01 PM

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Rex finds Wonkette amusing despite political differences

There's a number of sourpusses out there who don't find Wonkette funny, due to her lefty slant- but when I see an such an aptly chosen pop culture reference wielded so skillfully and efficiently, I have to chuckle.

Of course, the fact that Howard Dean is the butt of the joke doesn't hurt. He's cornered the market on Bipartisan ridicule now after getting that Al Gore endorsement.

No respect, I tells ya!

Posted by Rex @ 12:06 PM

Sunday, February 08, 2004


Rex would like to say that he's been undergoing some sort of elaborate training montage in faroff sabbatical locations, to bring you readers bigger and better armchair vigilantism. Unfortunately, Rex has just been busy working and whatnot, and after being throughly demoralized by the loss of his archive, (since restored- see two posts back) Rex thought he had better hang it up and take it easy for a while.

But like those films where adventurers are forced to come out of retirement due to some nagging sense of duty or moral outrage or what have you, so have I felt the need to blog once more, in light of all the election news, cheesy super bowl boobgate conspiracy theories, and with new superhero films in the works- well I couldn't just sit idly by and let it just...happen. That's not the armchair vigilante way.

To that end, I have retooled the main bloggy page, adding some nicer graphics, some pictures ( including a self-portrait!).

Check back soon- regular posting to resume very soon!!

Posted by Rex @ 1:05 AM

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