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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Avoid Earthlink, Says Anal Philosopher

The ever-brilliant-and-insightful (if) Anal Philosopher, Keith Burgess-Jackson, offers his testimonial to the rotten customer service provided by Earthlink. I was considering going to Earthlink for my DSL but after reading about his experience, I won't any longer.

I hope word spreads all over the blogosphere about rotten experiences with companies like Earthlink. That's the beauty of the web, of democracy, of the free market, and of free speech. you can always go to a competitor which appreciates your business.

I know Keith's an atheist, but i'm sure he'd echo the sentiment that springs to mind: God Bless America!

Posted by Rex @ 3:20 PM

Best Political Ad I've Seen This Year! Vietnam Swift Boat Vets on John Kerry...

The new book on John Kerry, by the swiftvets that knew him... # 1 on Amazon.com

I usually don't devote too much time to election blogging, and I've already criticized John Kerry once today (about his economic policy) but I'm afraid I'm going to have to address his war record today too...

Finally... a great political ad! The best I've seen yet...possibly ever. John Kerry's Vietnam War Record as told by the men who served with him on the swift boat: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

It's pretty Devastating.

Do check it out!

Also, you may want to visit the Swiftvets' web site.

Posted by Rex @ 2:54 PM

Rex Will Not Be Zombie Extra in Romero's New "Dead" Film Because of People Like John Kerry!

Bub, featured zombie in 1985's Day of The Dead. Romero's long awaited sequel, Land of The Dead is filming in Toronto and will presumably draw its zombie extras from the Toronto area.

According to this sad news the long-awaited fouth entry in George Romero's "Dead" series, Land of the Dead will not be filming in the Pittsburgh area, as Romero wished, as were the previous films.

Following the trend of many movie studios looking to cut costs, the production will instead shoot in Canada- Toronto, specifically. The recent remake of the second Dead film, Dawn of the Dead was shot in Canada (Vancouver), as was Romero's last film Bruiser (Toronto).

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a George Romero zombie picture has to be shot somewhere other than the Pittsburgh area. Pittsburghians (or is it Pittsburghers?) bemoan this here and here. Explanations and spin from the Pittsburgh Film Office can be found here.

I can certainly understand why a lower-budget independent filmmaker would be so cost conscious- but what I don't understand (apart from why we tax and regulate the hell out of the industries that create jobs and prosperity) is why the Hollywood liberals can complain about "outsourcing" and "offshoring" jobs to other countries when iother companies do it to save money- but it's just fine when they do it!

Don't get me wrong-- I can see the benefits of saving money and improving your profit margins,and I don't condemn filmmakers for shooting in Canada, which obviously appreciates the economic stimulus of having all that production going on. I just can't see why we want to kill the golden goose (or force it to migrate North.)

If you want to keep jobs here in the US- fine. Give some incentives to the companies that create jobs here- in the form of tax breaks. That would "level the playing field" as John Kerry says. But Kerry's idea of levelling the playing field is to
"close the loopholes of these corporations that have a reward to take the jobs overseas."
He wants to eliminate the incentive to move jobs to other countries by raising the taxes on profits made elsewhere, rather than lowering them here!

Great, so the movie company ( and every other kind of business) is screwed no matter what they do. A simple tax break for any company who films in the US would keep most of the production here and the profits high- the companies would be happy, the shareholders would be happy, the workers would be happy... but wait- there wouldn't be quite as much money rolling into the government. Hm... I'm no economist, obviously, but wouldn't the Government get some or all of that "lost" tax revenue back out of the income and sales taxes from all the people in the US who had jobs and spent their pay on goods and services?

I really hope Schwarzenegger can do something about California's screwed-up tax situation and keep the film production there- I know he's read Hayek, and obviously he has a lot of connections in the film industry.

Posted by Rex @ 2:16 PM

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